In Memory of Milly

It was on our very first exploratory trip to Uganda in 2000 that we met Milly. This was an encounter that would change our lives forever. Milly lived in an extremely remote and very poor  village. As a vibrant leader among her peers, a hard worker in the village gardens and determined to receive an education, Milly seemed to be beckoning to be noticed, and she very quickly captured our hearts.

On January 1st 2001, Milly contracted malaria. As her father dressed her for the 5 hour walk to the nearest health clinic, she died in his arms. Medicine costing just 80 cents would have saved her life.

Milly's life inspired the formation of 'The HOPE Project' (now called Australia HOPE International). Because of her life and death, many lives have been saved and thousands of needy children are now receiving an education.

Our project is dedicated to Milly's memory.