Volunteering with HOPE is very rewarding, knowing your efforts help make identifiable positive change in the lives of poor and needy children, women, street kids and families.

All volunteers must raise their own financial support and comply with all AHI policies and procedures required by ACFID and DFAT.

Here is a list of some of the areas where reliable volunteers can make a difference.

In Australia ...

In our Nairne HOPE office and shop - Jambo Sana

Serving, cooking and kitchen work in Jambo Sana Artefacts shop and cafe.

Office work including general admin procedures, child sponsorship management, fundraising and grant applications.

Managing displays and promotions at community events, schools, groups or churches.

In Africa ...

In our partner NGO organisations

Serving in the areas of liaison officer, administration assistants, office management, financial bookkeeping, computer operators, agriculturalist, horticulturalist, forestry, education workshops, teaching, medical, reporting, computer training, social work, teaching English, building work and maintenance, electricians, plumbers, bio-gas systems, counselling, nutrition, financial/business management, and more.

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