A HOPE School develops from nothing,

often 50 children sitting under a mango tree waiting for an adult to come from somewhere and teach them.

The journey to finished classrooms, paid qualified teachers, and books is always a huge challenge financially.

One of the best ways to bring in regular funds for teachers salaries, books and curriculum is to sponsor a class.

It is rare that a HOPE School student can pay fees due to their abject poverty. Class sponsorship is $150 per month or any amount.

With over 100 HOPE School teachers to pay each month, sponsorship of a class helps enormously towards these ongoing costs.

Our goal is to make every HOPE School self funding, but until that is realised, we need to sponsor classes.

A sponsor will enjoy hearing from select children in the class, and the teacher, twice per year, and a beautiful photo of the class annually.

Sponsor a Class