Sponsoring a child with HOPE

is a rewarding experience for both child and sponsor. The child writes 2 letters a year which are sent with a school report, and an update photo annually. Sponsors can write as often as they like and send appropriate gifts.

$50 AUD a month secures a place for the child in a HOPE Nursery or Primary School, and $60 a month for secondary srudents in Kabuga HOPE Secondary School, or other school, if HOPE schools are not local.

Funds we receive from sponsorship help finance the school development project as well as meeting the basic needs of the child.

People visiting Africa with a HOPE Team are able to visit their child in their school and hut or home.

We have over 2,500 children in our HOPE Schools waiting for sponsorship.  Email us today and request more information and you can request a boy or girl of a certain age.

Sponsor a Child

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