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4 yr old Dorreck is in Baby class, her birthdate unknown. She loves playing hide and seek and would like to be a teacher. She and her brother care for

her sickly mother. RK053. Partner RWC.

Fortunate is 5 years and live with her mother, grandmother and 3 siblings in a small mud hut. At Middle class in Kitokye, she loves singing and dreams to become a teacher.               RK002

3 yr old Jonan lives in a mud hut with his landless family and is close to the HOPE Nursery School and wants to start in Baby Class. He often suffers with Malaria.                     CVM018

You can select a child from the 'HOPE & Care for Little Souls' Project in Bunia, DR Congo.

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Benon is 5 years old and lives with family in a rented 2 roomed mud hut under trying conditions with little food. He longs to go through school like other children.   RK021  Partner RWC.

Abraham is in P1 class but has to help at home with digging and fetching water. He eats a meal every 1 to 2 days. He loves maths and wants to be an accountant.  RK029   Partner RWC.

Allan is 6 years old and was in Nursery School and with sponsorship will return. He wants to be an architect so he can build a big house for orphans. Life is very hard for Allan. RK031 Ptr RWC.

Vinvcent is 10 and in P3 class. He is very bright and tops his class but poverty keeps him at home many days. He walks 5 km to school with no food all day. He wants to be a head teacher.

RK033  Partner RWC

Zuraika has 7 brothers and is 6 years old. her family is muslim with no relatives or support in the village. She is often sickly and misses school because she has not even a pencil. CVM017.

Steven is 13 yrs and wants to restart schooling in P5. He was found on the streets unable to survive. Sponsorship will give him the hope he needs through our RWC/AHI school and home. RT114

Elisa, with his 5 brothers turned to the streets and is wanting to go to school and be safe. Sponsorship will secure housing and schooling at Trust School.

Partner RWC                        RT129

Gadaffi is very smart, topping his region of 16 schoolsaround Nakivale Refugee Settlement. Sponorship will start him in S1 at our secondary school.   RWC partner.         KHS007

Joshua is 9 yrs and should be in P2, but a hard life has left him on the streets and struggling to survive. If sponsored, he can live at the Trust School and be educated.  Partner RWC          RT103



Determined young people attending the

Kabuga HOPE Secondary and Vocational School

in Uganda need your help. Sponsorship will ensure their secondary education is successful and completed.


Christine is 15yrs old and was raised by an aged grandmother under harsh conditions. She does well at school and wants to be a doctor.                  KHS001                      

Damaceni is 17yrs and fled from war in Congo with his 10 siblings to Nakivale Refugee Camp. He likes playing football and wants to be an engineer.


Ester is 17 yrs old and orphaned. She did well at Kibogo HOPE Primary School and was raised by her grandmother. She wants to be a doctor.                               KHS004

Denis is 15 yrs old. He grew up in a grass, mud and sticks house with little food and support. Now in secondary school, he is determined to do well and want to be an engineer.          KHS002

Samuel is 17 yrs old and was raised in Nakivale Refugee Camp in harsh conditions with his family. He is in S2 but suffers a heart problem. He wants to be an engineer.                    KHS003

19 yr old Safari migrated from Rwanda to Nakivale Refugee Camp after the war when he was orphaned. He lived with 15 siblings and cousins, now baording at Kabuga HOPE Secondary. He dreams to be a doctor.     KHS006