Visit Africa With Us

Joining a HOPE Team can be the most memorable and exciting experience for anyone wanting to see first hand the work of Australia HOPE International with our partners in the field.

Generally our trips are 4 weeks, and we mainly visit Uganda and Congo. The cost (not tax deductible) varies from $4,500 to $6,500 depending on the itinerary which may include extra in-country flights, a game park and funding christian outreach.

The itinerary, is drafted from the profile and interests of the team members.

Much of our time can be spent in the HOPE Schools sharing with teachers and students, inspecting building progress, conducting workshops for teachers, and visiting sponsored children. Other activities usually include visiting the sick and dying in hospitals, mobile clinic, HOPE Women's Projects, Street Kid's Projects, craft shopping for Jambo Sana (our shop in Nairne SA), visiting HOPE Farm & Forestry Projects, building/construction work or encouraging refugees in the camps.

Our team visits are a wonderful encouragement to sponsored children and widows, HOPE Schools, the street kids projects, vulnerable girls project, our partners and the many church communities we may visit. Some team members have used the trip to assess a possible longer term stay in Africa with HOPE or other organisations.

Trips to Africa are made once or twice a year and need 6 months plan ahead time, so anyone wishing to come on a mission with HOPE is welcome to enquire by contacting us.

Most trips are made in mid-year or February which is the dry season and our amazing HOPE School students are not on holidays.

Interested in coming along? Please enquire by contacting our office. Click Here

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