HOPE Women's Groups

HOPE Women's Groups are made up of ladies who have been acquainted with war, HIV AIDS, abandonment, domestic violence, abuse, being landless and homeless, or are refugees.

Australia HOPE International seeks to bring these women together and form co-operatives for friendship, support and pooling resources and skills to produce saleable items. Many of these items are sold here in Australia in Jambo Sana our African artifacts shop in Nairne, South Australia. 97% of proceeds are transferred through our HOPE partners to the women who make the goods.

We strive to place a manager for each group, and make sure that the immediate needs of the women and their children are met through the working of the groups.

Products made by the ladies currently include beads, soap, candles, linen products like bags and dolls, children's clothes, and grass or fibre woven utensils.

Our goal is to develop these groups by advancing them to be able to produce a larger range of saleable items with better organisation, markets, management and equipment.

We aim to see each woman in each group able to pay school fees for their children, receive medical treatment as required, have a suitable place to live, keep healthy diet and nutrition levels, and to fit their home out with good bedding, clothing, furniture and utensils. This outcome relies on the success of the Women's Group they belong to.

Currently there are HOPE Women's Groups in Nakivale Refugee Camp, Mbarara, Kibogo and in Lugala.