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In the past, Vocational Training Projects have been short term, part of a secondary school program, or subject to available teachers, equipment and facilities, or sponsoring youth to participate in 1/2 yearly training programs.

The future demands for this specialised training is huge as hundreds of HOPE School students, not well suited to higher tertiary studies, are growing up fast. Training in a vocation will be the best support we can offer for these more practically inclined youth.

While efforts on a small scale have been successful, we are now discussing ways to provide a much broader training opportunity for larger numbers of HOPE School graduates.

We are also considering, as funds allow, the development of HOPE Secondary Vocational Schools, where a mix of academic studies and practical technical studies are offered. Such educational schools are available in Africa, but the cost per student is prohibitive for our graduates, as less than 10% are sponsored, and sponsorship is currently the only way to fund their training.