Our strategy is to make all HOPE Schools and other projects self sufficient, or funded from other in-country Forestry projects that generate funds.

Pictured is our trial plots of Silky Oak and Eucalyptus Trees which show our land in Uganda is capable of producing a fast return on forestry.

Wood can be sold for firewood (2 years growth), building poles (4 -6 years growth), electricity poles (8 years growth), and bulk machined timber (15 years growth).

We already have the land (80HA) and are waiting for capital ($1,250/HA) for establishing forests.  

The return on this investment would generate many times our outlay for profits that would greatly assist the ongoing expenses of our HOPE School Development Projects.

Farming is also being considered and we can move ahead with that as capital becomes available for buying machinery and produce storage equipment to maximise the productivity and profitability of land parcels that are too big for just manual labour.

Our plan is that all HOPE Schools will be self funding when coupled with the proposed forestry and farming projects.

Donations to help establish a forestry project can be made here...