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                    Ministries International

MCCMI Development Projects...

Ps Lindsay and Sally Lockwood visited Kisumu in Kenya in 1997 and following that visit, a deepening relationship with abandoned and needy children formed. This led to the birth of an organisation, Mercy Christian Children’s Ministries Inc. (MCCMI)

MCCMI operates a school for needy children in Kisumu, Kenya.

During 19/20, they successfully registered their High School with the Kenyan Education Department and transitioned our organisation to be an education focused organisation. We also successfully transitioned the location of the school to be on MCCMI compound.

They have been working closely with the regional offices for the Kenyan Children’s Department to ensure the children that were staying at Mercy Children’s home have a safe place to live and re-engaging them with their communities and relatives during this time.

MCCMI also runs a Child Sponsorship program for children in their school project.

MCCMI Director

Rowan Mumford