Partner: Christian Victory Ministries

CVM/AHI Projects...      

HOPE Schools

     We started the HOPE Nursery School in Kibogo Deep Village when the children had never seen white people, and now there are over 400 children in nursery and primary sections in buildings nearing completion. In the outskirts of Kamwenge is Kyambwoma Nursery School. 180 children from poverty stricken families attend here in temporary structure classrooms.

HOPE School Farming Projects

     Both HOPE Schools with CVM are situated on several acres of land. There is a pineapple plantation at Kibogo HOPE School, and a vegetable garden and Eucalyptus Forestry trial plot of 5,000 trees at Kyambwoma HOPE Nursery School. Kamwenge Farming & Forestry Project

     Australia HOPE International purchased 150 acres with CVM, and currently there are over 100 widows and landless families and orphans digging the land on allocated plots for food production. Ultimately we want to establish a forest here for the production of firewood, building timber and electricity poles with the income providing much needed funds for addressing the challenge of ongoing running costs of HOPE Schools.

Ndejje Community Training Project

     Australia HOPE International constructed a hall where community training courses are conducted to equip people to improve their quality of life through better nutrition, business management and skills training.  

Child Sponsorship

     A child sponsorship program is very much needed to help fund the school project. The first children for this project are being sponsored now, as well as some classes being sponsored.

Kabuga Hope Secondary School and Vocational

Currently called the Elisha Foundation High School, this project aims to educate the graduates from several Hope Primary Schools across western Uganda who would otherwise fail to attend school due to abject poverty and family breakdown.

CVM  Director

Kaazi Twinomujuni, Kamwenge, Uganda