Partner: COMEaid

COMEaid Projects...     

HOPE Schools

     As our first partner, COMEaid has 4 well established schools in outer Kampala, and 2 new projects in remote villages of Meru Meru and Kyakajja. Nearly 800 children attend the COMEaid HOPE Schools.

Mulago Hospital Care Project

     9 permanent staff and over 30 trained volunteers manage this program that delivers vital emergency, counselling, medical and rehabilitative care to thousands of destitute patients in Uganda's largest public hospital. COMEaid also helps manage admissions and emergencies as a rapid response team, when crises like exploding petrol tankers, civil unrest or riots with fatalities occur.

Zaabu Gold Women's Project

     This group of eager widows make artifacts and craft items for sale in Africa and Australia to produce income for improving their lives and helping to better care for their children.

Child and Widow Sponsorship

     COMEaid operate an excellent child sponsorship plan which, when coupled with the HOPE Schools, gives hundreds of needy children an education experience of the highest quality. Over one hundred COMEaid children are sponsored through AHI, and over 20 widows.

COME Aid Directors

Frank and Michele Heyward