Partner: the 2h project

Safe Arrivals...

With the aim of improving Cambodia's maternal health outcomes, the 2 h Project has trained around 4,000 birth attendants, improved maternal health services to over 5.6 million people and affected more than 1 million deliveries.

Expanding programs are being developed to reach at risk families in rural and remote areas right across Cambodia with affordable and accessable quality maternal and infant health care, family planning and sexual and reproductive health.

Sight to Life...

A 2h Project partnership with the Battambang Opthalmic Clinic sees hundreds of Cambodian villagers living in rural and remote villages positively impacted. Each day an average of 35 people have their sight restored as well as scores of surgeries  and assessments.Plans are in place to expand further across more provinces in Cambodia.

Farming for Futures Project...     

Rapid progress is being made on the 55 acre farm as irrigation systems and high production techniques are being established with much local project design and local involvement.

Profits from this project will support local families in poverty, and help fund other 2h projects.

the 2h project - Cambodia

Directors: Kate & Kevin Taylor