Helping Others Possess Empowerment

At Australia HOPE International, we aim to help alleviate the ravages of child poverty by sponsoring a child for education, providing orphans and needy children a positive school community, and delivering humanitarian and emergency aid for the destitute.

92.5% of all donations and sponsorship is used in our projects in Africa and 7.5% is used for administration in Australia.

HOPE is managed in Australia largely by volunteers.

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Kabuga HOPE Secondary School storm damge update.

Some exciting news is that we have received enough funds through donations to reroof anf renovate the admin/science/dorm block.

As well, the banana plantation where the roof landed is currently being bought to allow workshop space for a mechanics, carpentary and welding vocational course as well as ground for the popular agricultural/farming course.

Our focus from here is to build a boys dorm, latrine and finish the 2 story classroom block which has never been complteted though is being used.

A big thankyou to donors!

We look forward to producing young smart leaders in future who can contribute to a prosperous development of this region in western Uganda.

Thanyou for caring!