Our Journey

An Overview...

First investigative trip to Uganda: December 2000

Decision to commence helping African children followed Milly's death: January 1st, 2001

Commenced partnership with COME Uganda: 2001

Commenced funding schools in Uganda: 2001

Australia/Africa HOPE Project incorporated in South Australia: 2003

Commenced HOPE Schools with accepted partners: 2003

Ros Morgan commenced as volunteer Book-keeper: 2004

Name changed to Australia HOPE International Inc.: 2005

Commenced partnership with CVM: 2006

Commenced partnership with RWC - Children's Trust: 2007

Commenced partnership with HCLS: 2007

Deductible Gift Recipient status achieved: 2008

Co Founder/CEO Bill Osborne became full-time volunteer for AHI: 2009

Commenced partnership with Amari CDP: 2012

Commenced partnership with Circle of Life: 2012

New office location in Nairne SA with our African Artifacts and Tearooms and Jambo Sana shopfront commenced: March 2013

Norma Osborne commences volunteering full-time in Jambo Sana: January 2013

Commenced partnership with the 2h project - Farming for Futures: 2013

ACFID (Australian Council for International Development) accreditation achieved: 2013

ACFID accreditation membership forfeited due to unaffordable annual fees: 2017

AusAID (now DFAT) accreditation sought and while accepted, was postponed due to insufficient documentation of projects. We did not reapply but have employed a Projects Coordinator for very adequate documentation of all projects: 2016/17.

Over 4,000 needy children in over 20 HOPE Schools in Uganda and DR Congo: Today