Helping Others Possess Empowerment

At Australia HOPE International, we aim to help alleviate the ravages of child poverty by sponsoring a child for education, providing orphans and needy children a positive school community, and delivering humanitarian and emergency aid for the destitute.

92.5% of all donations and sponsorship is used in our projects in Africa and 7.5% is used for administration in Australia.

HOPE is managed in Australia largely by volunteers.

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Emergency Food Donations  - Update.

A second lockdown in Uganda is causing severe hardship, family seperation and hardship from food shortages and travle restrictions. Once again we are receiving donations for the team in Arua, Northern Uganda to supply emergency relief to the most desperate. This time, Covid is increasing to record levels with hospials at capacity.

Emergency Medical Fund

We have  urgent ongoing needs for medical support and need to build up reserve funds for a quick response to critical needs that are advised by our partners. This fund saves lives. Donations welcome.

Thankyou for Caring!

We need 7 Lightning Arresters!

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