Helping Others Possess Empowerment

At Australia HOPE International, we aim to help alleviate the ravages of child poverty by sponsoring a child for education, providing orphans and needy children a positive school community, and delivering humanitarian and emergency aid for the destitute.

95% of all donations and sponsorship is used in our projects in Africa and 5% is used for administration in Australia.

HOPE is managed in Australia largely by volunteers.

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These teachers at Ebenezer HOPE School in Uganda work with children from poverty stricken families to give them a great education and hope for their future. But they have substandard collapsing teachers quarters.

HOPE Ride for Education - 2

will complete the first block of 4 units and commence a second block accommodating all teachers when completed.

Riders are invited to registar now anf join the ride from Nairne to port Lincoln  this April.

Sponsors for the riders can support their rider, or one off donations to this urgent cause are invited.

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